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Frasier Tire Service receives award!

Frasier Tire Service is pleased to announce they have been awarded the honor of being a Platinum Performer. 

Frasier Tire Service entered into a competition for the VERY FIRST Tire Review Platinum Performers Awards!
The Tire Review set up benchmarking study standards of performance against dozens of real-world business measures. The end result was 10 tire dealers –  that statistically rose above the rest.  
The Tire Review scored Frasier Tire Service based on the their response to objective questions dealing with building/equipment, sales, operations, marketing, and personnel. Frasier Tire Service showed they raised their game and became more formidable competitors in a very tough tire market.
The goal of the award is to uncover the real metrics today’s tire dealers face and provide details readers can use to measure their businesses but also see opportuniti ...
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